Organic Tanning products


Face tan water from eco by sonya is a well established organic tanning product for the face. it does not include nasty chemicals that can cause allergies and inflammation. Rash on the skin from chemicals in sunless tanning products is often seen on sensitive skin from Caucasian people. to avoid that use an organic self tanning product like Zuii organic or Eco by sonya's Eco tan. these products are certified. chemical based tanning products are approvex based on more that 20 year old knowledge and legislation.

A dark tanning for hespanic skin can be done using hemp based sunless tanning products from eco by sonya. hemphhh is a certified organic tanningnpeoduxt without the chemical nasties. Avoid rash and allergic reactions by using organic self tanning products. to protect your sensitive skin around neck and face use face tan water from eco by Sonya. this product is certified organic and does not include any chemical nasties. it gives you a beautiful color and a glowing tan. no ugly carrot color and not solarium burns. don't risk getting skin cancer, use organic sunless  tanning.

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