Organic Tanning

Fake Tan

Fake tan or sunless self tanning is the health alternative to the solarium. The solarium or cancer grill as it have been called for years has often been a cause for both first and second degree burns. Organic self tanning products does not cause these issues. like winter skin from eco by sonya, this sunless tanning lotion giving a light tan, is recommended for sensitive skin let ke scandinavian or Caucasian skin. Face tan water from eco tan is made specially for the face and neck where the skin is most sensitive. using an organic tanning product gives a healthy tan and a beautiful color. another strong brand is zuii that is the top brand in sunless tanning. Before using a sunless tanning product you should prepare your skin by exfoliating it using Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. this make sure to remove the dead skin and help you keep your tan longer.

Sensitive skin often react badly to sunless tanning products based on nasty chemicals. To avoid rash and allergic reactions you should use an organic tanning product like Zuii or  Invisible tan from eco by sonya. these certified organic products from Australian is a healthy alternative to both the nasty chemical based sunless tanning products and solarium tanning saloons. for the best results exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells before using organic tanning products. Organic based exfoliate product Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub are available from eco by Sonya.

For damaged skin use Glory Oil from eco by sonya. damaged skin from solarium burns can be repaired using Glory Oil from eco tan in many cases.